Running locally

Running locally

In this guide we will show you how to run Tipi locally on your machine. This is useful if you want to contribute to the project or if you want to test new apps you added to the appstore.



Once you have forked the repo and cloned it on your local machine you can start to prepare the environment.

Install dependencies

Tipi uses pnpm as a package manager and monorepo orchestrator. Install it with npm i -g pnpm

Install the project dependencies pnpm i

Run Tipi

  1. Start the app with npm run start:dev from the root folder
  2. Start the watcher with npm run dev:watcher from the root folder
  3. Visit localhost:3000 in your browser

Using your own appstore repo

You can change the repository Tipi is using to retrieve the appstore in order to test new apps you added.

Create a settings.json file in the state folder (runtipi/state/settings.json) containing the URL of your repo and restart Tipi.

  "appsRepoUrl": ""

If you need to be on a different branch than the main one in your repo, go in the repository directory cd ./repos/<generated-id> and checkout your branch.

git checkout mybranch