Getting Started



Ubuntu 18.04 LTS or higher is recommended. However other major Linux distribution are supported but may lead to installation issues. Please file an issue if you encounter one.

If Docker is already installed on your machine, Tipi will use it to run the dashboard. Otherwise, it will install Docker for you.


If you already have docker installed make sure to have the docker compose plugin installed.
Run docker compose version to check if it is installed. Instructions to install it can be found here (opens in a new tab).

Download and install Tipi

Download the latest version of Tipi:

curl -L | bash

If you have some issue with the command above, you can also download the script directly from github:

curl -L | bash

The script will prompt you the ip address of the dashboard once configured.


If you already installed Tipi, you can start it manually by running the script in the runtipi folder.

cd runtipi
sudo ./scripts/

Tipi will run by default on port 80. To select another port you can run the start script with the --port argument

sudo ./scripts/ --port 7000

To stop Tipi, run the stop script.

sudo ./scripts/

Update Tipi

To update Tipi to the latest version, run the update script.

sudo ./scripts/ update